Migrate to Australia as a Skilled Worker

If you want Australian migration for job and stay either for long or short duration then migration to Australia under skilled migration category will be the best option. Australia skilled migration program is especially designed for those professionals or skilled workers who do not have Australian employment offer but posses skills required for Australian occupations.

Under Australian skilled migration program, skilled overseas workers can either apply as independent migrant or can be sponsored by any relative in Australia. The applicant can either be nominated by state or territory government. To become eligible under skilled migration category applicants need to go through the points based selection criteria set by Australian Immigration Department. Candidates are assessed based on the following requirements:

  • age
  • English language ability
  • occupation
  • skills qualification
  • recent work experience
  • health
  • character

Australian skilled migration category has four subcategories as mentioned below:

Australia Skilled Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)

This is basically an Australian PR visa. Applicants can stay in Australia for indefinite duration. They are permitted to travel and enter the country as many times within five years of the issued date of visa. Their Australian permanent residency status is not affected if visa gets expired. They can apply for RRV.

Australia Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475)

This is a temporary visa and is permitted for particular provincial region in Australia. Under this category the applicant is allowed to work study and live in Australia for 3 years. The applicant can later apply for Australian PR.
Australia Skilled – Recognised Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 476)
This is a temporary visa which allows the applicant and their secondary applicants to stay in Australia for 18 months with no restrictions on work or study. Applicants can work, travel and study during this period.
Australia Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176)
This is Australia permanent residence visa, the applicant is allowed to stay for indefinite duration. To be eligible under this category the applicant should either be sponsored by an Australian relative or should be nominated by state or territory government.
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