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Information on Australian Immigration

Australia allows number of immigrations every year under workers, students, migrants, refugees and visitor category. Immigration to Australia under these categories initially permits a temporary stay in the country which can later be progressed for Australia Permanent Residence Visa and Australian Citizenship.

Types of visas for Australian PR

If you want to migrate to Australia for seeking Australian PR then there are various types of visas which can lead to Australian permanent residency later. The types of visas are as follows:

  • Skilled worker visas
  • Students visas
  • Special visa for refugees
  • Business visas
  • Special visas for family members of Australian permanent residence and citizens.

The applicant needs to first asses himself/herself for the visa categories that suit him/her and then apply for the respective visa.

Special factors of Australian migration

  Applicants under Australia Skilled Migration category have to go for a points base selection criteria in which they will be evaluated based on the following specifications.

  •  Age
  • Education
  • Proposed occupation
  • English proficiency
  • Students are permitted visas if registered with a well known university of Australia. The validity of visa depends on the duration of course study.
  • Visitors in Australia are allowed to travel and arrange or take part in events. They can also undergo medical cure.
  • Refugees in the country are offered special protection.
  • Migration to Australia is also allowed for returning residents


Skilled Independent Migration to Australia

Australia is always in need of skilled workers who can add their skills and experience to develop the economy of the country. And it’s often seen that most of the immigrants are able to find a job soon after their immigration. The country does everything possible to encourage overseas skilled migration to Australia. This makes the Australia Skilled Migration visas the most accepted visas in Australia.

Visa requirements for Australian skilled independent visa

  • Age: should be below 50 years
  • Language: should have excellent English language skills
  • Skills and Qualification: should be relevant to the occupation listed on Skilled Occupation List of Australia

7 tasks after immigration

It is advised by Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship to go through the following tasks which are very important after stepping in Australia.

  • To apply for Tax File Number [TFN]
  • Apply for Medicare
  • Open a bank account
  • Register with Centre link [government’s agency to assist you in your selected community]
  • Join English coaching classes if required
  • If have kids then admit them to school
  • Apply for driving license

Advantages of Australian migration

  • Secured life within comparatively free governmental organization
  • Admittance to huge and prosperous immigrant societies
  • Highly paid salaries for jobseekers
  • Excellent quality of education for students
  • Varied life style and high standard of living